Tastes like beer.

Seriously, enjoy a great near-beer experience without the hangover.
Cheers never felt so good!

It's Time to Fly!

  • Non-alcoholic

  • Guilt-free

  • Loved by athletes

  • Hand-crafted

  • Free shipping

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Our beers

All flavor, no hangover.
  • Watermelon Refresher
    Watermelon Refresher

    Watermelon Refresher

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  • Hazy IPA
    Hazy IPA

    Hazy IPA

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  • Thirst-quenching

    Guaranteed! We’re proud of our small batch non-alcoholic brews and we know you'll love them.

  • Tastes like beer

    Crafted by award winning brewers to fill a gap in the market. These low abv beers are made with uncompromising ingredients.


Blog posts

  • Canning Day!
    Canning Day!

    Canning Day!

    Learn about the canning day and the quality control checks that finish off the best non-alcoholic beers to enjoy!
  • The Brewing Process!
    The Brewing Process!

    The Brewing Process!

    We walk you through our brewing process and how we wind up with a finished beer.

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